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Amir Khusro Website

I am a pagan and a worshipper of love,
The creed (of musalmans) I do not need;
Every vein of mine has become taunt like a wire,
The (Brahman s) girdle I do not need.

Amir Khusro Dehlavi, historically known as a prolific Persian poet associated with the royal courts of more than seven kings of Delhi Sultanate, is also a household name in much of North India and Pakistan through the playful Hindi riddles, couplets and songs attributed to him. On these pages you will find an essay about his Urs (death anniversary), another one about his Hindvi poetry, and many selections from his Farsi poetry, apart from other interesting stories and links. Sections about his musical genius and historiography will also be added here soon. You could go through the lyrics of your favourite Khusro qawwalis. Keep visiting this site often, as more information is constantly being added here.

Khusro's poetry now in Persian script (.gif format)
Brief Chronology of Khusro's Life & Times
Some assorted Farsi couplets
Basant - Spring Festival of Sufis (Chowk magazine)
Works / Bibliography on Khusro
Can you solve some of Khusro's riddles
Something about the author
Urs article in Chowk magazine
Amir Khusro on other websites / links
India-Pakistan issue : Let's talk


This is a mirror front-page of the original website (Compiled by Yousuf Saeed)
On the top is this week's quote from Khusro. See previous weeks' quotes.
This site was started on May 2nd,1998 and is updated every week.

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