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Today, all our media - TV, newspapers and now even Internet - are full of all kinds of hate rhetoric between the two countries. At least Internet should have been an ideal meeting ground for the people of two nations divided by an imaginary, artificial boundary, but is unfortunately being misused. This website is an attempt in trying to bring the two countries, communities and ideologies at one plateform, at least for a dialogue.

Right now we have links to some articles published in various websites in the past. We welcome your valueble comments and suggestions as to new ways for a dialogue and friendly relations between the two countries. You can also tell us about any other website, article or effort of this nature that you notice on the internet. You can even contribute an article, story or anything that can help in our crusade. You can interact with us either by E-mail, or our guest-book.

Pakistani students feel at home in India : (Times of India, Nov.18,1998)

Can't We too Break the Wall? : Chowk Interactive Magazine) (Mirror-site)

Discussion Forum on India-Pakistan relations (at

Punjabi Net: Culture and links about Punjab and Punjabis.
Some more views from

Unite India and Pakistan (by Ganguli)

Buddhist Monks on Peace Pilgrimage to Cross India-Pakistan Border

CNN's site on India-Pakistan Conflict

India & Pakistan : An Asian Nuclear Peace (by Armando F. Mastrapa)

Southasia Net: Search engine of SAARC

Chowk magazine: An interactive magazine of Pakistanis and Indians on the net

This is your site. Please make it successful by contributing to it and also bringing more people to it. Let us make internet a meeting ground for people divided by artificial boundaries.

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